Customer Testimonials

"I just want to thank Ms. Jelly and share with everyone how great she is with my little one. I never thought I was going to find a hair stylist for my son because he is very shy and needs someone to calm him and make him feel comfortable... boy I was wrong we came across Ms. Jelly and my son loves her and thats the only stylist he loves going to. Ms. Jelly has a positive vibe and she is loving and welcoming, you can just see she enjoys working with kids and takes pride in her work and most importantly loves what she is doing."
-Sanchez Family
"Before we found Angelica we took Makori to a so many salons and stylist. Even ones that claim to be autism friendly all with zero success. He would cry scream and get half cuts every time. We were at our last resort when we met with angelica. She came to our home and instantly connected with Makori. She was patient and kind and took the time to cut his hair and for the first time in his life he had it styled. He had zero tears. Every month she has worked with him and now he can even use the trimmers and not be afraid of the noise. She is a miracle worker and we are so blessed to have her in our life! She's is such a tremendous help to the special needs community and is so caring." -Team Makori
"We met Jelly two years ago through a mutual friend. Before she came into our life, we felt defeated when it came to our son getting haircuts. At one point my husband and I gave up and decided not to put him through it anymore. Jayven is 6 years old and was diagnosed with autism at 2 years old, and has struggled with sensory issues along with other adversities and delays. Haircut outings consist of stares from strangers due to him kicking, screaming, biting, and spitting. It also involved a village to keep him still and hold him down as a restraint. Then we tried the home setting and decided to set up shop and cut his hair. That was a complete fail, and left him with a unfinished disaster of a haircut. It was a frustrating and embarrassing situation, and it hurt to see that a simple task was hard for my son to endure. Until a friend reached out to me and recommended Jelly. She called her the kid whisperer. I already felt hopeless, but decided to give her a try. She came over and automatically her presence and attitude was very reassuring. She promised us if we gave it time and stayed optimistic, after a few sessions, we would notice a difference and see progress. The first 3 sessions were the usual, but she remained calm and reassured us. After the third session, that's when things were looking up and haircuts were less of a struggle. She was very accommodating to his needs, and he was able to get stylish haircuts. After a few good home sessions, she suggested bringing him into her shop to see how he would do in a busy atmosphere. Shockingly, he adapted well and she was able to give him a haircut with little reinforcements. My husband and I were so amazed at what she was capable of. She helped my son get through an obstacle that we thought he would never overcome. We will be forever grateful for her and her talent. Now Jayven can go to a random hairstylist for his haircuting needs!" - Vega Family