Dreams into Reality:
How Peace and Love Studios Was Born

For most people, dreams take place while sleeping or gazing off into space, but this is how 26 year old Angelica “Jelly” Robinson made her dreams become reality. Jelly started doing her classmates’ and cousins’ hair for fun, but the older she became, the more she wanted to make a career out of hair styling . One of her biggest realizations was that hair was never a hobby for her; it flowed through her veins! 

Kids particularly loved her fun personality and normally had an instant connection with her. It didn’t take long for Jelly to brainstorm ideas on how to make these connections with kids a long-term connection. That’s when she came up with Peace and Love Studios., Jr. (for Jelly Robinson). The idea behind the salon is an all-kids membership-based salon, to provide fun and a needed confidence anchor for our children. She realized early in her career that her services not only revitalized hair but also confidence. From experience, Jelly knew how hard it can be to be different and gain acceptance for who you are. She believed her gift should be used to build confidence and self-esteem in our youth to help them deal with the many social woes of today, such as violence and bullying. Jelly states, “With Peace and Love Studios, our youth will be able to better navigate life knowing greatness exists inside of them.”